The Temazcal Experience, Includes a Sacred Fire Ceremony, a Temazcal Ceremony,  Swimming in a Mineral Pool Mayan Mud Application, and meeting with a Real Mayan Shaman in the Jungle. 


A Temazcal is a traditional native Mesoamerican Purification Ceremony and considered an experience to find your true inner child, the true you! The Temazcal is a spiritual ceremony conducted by a Mayan Shaman within a hot vapor bath. It is used as a cleansing of the mind, body and spirit and considered a rebirth through the womb of mother earth the Temazcal (a mayan sweat lodge), normally done after hardship and battle (to rebuild the mind, body and spirit). In ancient Mesoamerica it was used as part of a curative ceremony thought to purify the body and considered a healing ceremony, after exertion, such as after a battle, a ceremonial ball game, hardship, after women gave birth and is used in improving overall health.The Mayan Temazcal is done to Detox Poisons from your Body & Inner Spirit, It is also known to connect you with your inner spirit that will guide you towards a positive new way of life and it is known to free you, from worry and negative energy, so you are connected more with mother earth and find your positive energy field. The actual Temazcal is in the shape of a womb which represents the womb of mother earth and being reborn. 


First you will approach a blazing fire for a fire ceremony,  while the Mayan Shaman Performs the fire ceremony and builds up the fire pit. To produce the heat, volcanic stones are heated. The volcanic stones are safe because they do not explode from the temperature also the cole from the wood used is considered a detox. This is the same Volcano rocks and wood used by Mayans thousands of years ago. 


The Shaman will perform a Mayan Fire Ceremony to ask the gods of the universe and mother earth for permission of the rebirth that is so pose to cleans us and protect us from harm and help us deal with the negative energies in life.  


The Shaman will ask the Gods of the Universe, Mother Earth and our Ancestors for cures to our ailments and our loved ones, for peace in our home, to help us in dealing with difficult people, for restoration of balance on Mother Earth and to help us deal with our own emotional,  spiritual, health or economic problems. The Shaman will offer an offering to the universal gods and have us drink a detox drink (brew of medicine plants, from the plants in the Jungle and Mayan Honey) that the Shaman has made.


Than you enter the Temascal, where we will wait for the Shaman and apply Aloe Vera, Mayan Mud and Inhale the Shamans healing Vapors that he prepared and splashes over Lava Rocks. 


The Shaman will bring in the Hot, volcanic rocks, that are placed in a pit located in the center than he will close the door and poor his home made brew of medicine plants on the volcanic rocks. The volcanic rocks with the Shamans homemade brew of medicinal plants, herbs and sacred bark are used to generate heat, steam and vapor in the Temazcal ceremony. Inside of the Temascal (a steam bath). These medicinal plants, herbs and bark are inhaled and sometimes cause us to cough, just breath slowly and deeply and it will go away. It is normal to spit out poisons and toxins from your body and use the restroom frequently, the next morning, this is part of the cleansing. During the Temascal ceremony it is very easy to meditate while the Shamon is doing the Temazcal Ceremony.


The Shaman will Chant and continue the Ceremony in the Temazcal. He will ask you to join in and we will offer Indigenous Instruments of Pre-Hispanic times if you wish to play them or just chant or meditate.  


After you exit the Temazcal, you will walk through the Jungle to enter the Blue Cenote a Natural Mineral Pool to cool off and complete your cleansing. The Blue Cenote is filled with natural healing powers from the minerals (such as calcite and aragonite, which are different crystal forms of calcium carbonate) in the cenote. Calcite in general will amplify and increase energy. It is protecting, purifying, grounding and centering, that will assist in bringing one inner peace.  Calcite is known to help to improve memory, support healing, energy is amplified to specific body areas, so it is an excellent mineral to support healing through visualization and biofeedback. They say Calcite will help balance the emotions, remove fear, overcome depression, as well as simply dissolving problems standing in your way of achieving your highest potential. 


Afterwards, we will dry off and return in the Van to Oscar & Lalos to have an Organic 4 course Detox dinner and drink fresh juices grown on the property. Than we will complete the dinner and return you to your place of stay.  


This is normally a “Small Group Shared Experience”.  The cost will be based on how many guest are in the Van the day of the Temascal. We tell our guest to base the cost as only they are in the Van, that way, if more guest join, the cost will be less. 



  • $310 USD per guest based on (1) guest. 
  • $155 USD per guest based on (2) to (3) guests.
  • $135 USD per guest based on (4) to (6) guests.
  • $125 USD per guest based on (7) to (9) guests.
  • $115 USD per guest based on (10) to (12) guests.
  • $95 USD per guest based on (13+) guests.

Tour Schedule

  • Tour Schedule: Wednesday through Sunday from (3) to (5) hours.
  • Pick up Time: Normally between 4:30PM and 5:30PM depending on your location.
  • Time: 4:30 PM to 9:30 PM for Temazcal, includes Pick up Drop Off and a Detox Meal.
Expand your experience by adding any of the following

    Add the majestic Tulum Ruins (VIP) for only $45 USD
    more per guest.

  • Add underwater Camera rental for $45 USD
    (We email Pictures to you).




Tour Highlights:

  • Pastry, fruit & coffee in the morning.
  • Drive and Hike through the Mayan Jungle!
  • Experience a Real Mayan Temazcal Ceremony.
  • Experience a Sacred Fire Pit Ceremony.
  • Swim in a Mineral Pool (Cenote).
  • Meet a Real Mayan Shaman in the Jungle.
  • See Stalactites and Stalagmites.
  • Snorkel in the beautiful mineral filled water underground.
  • Wild Animal (You may see wild iguanas, spider monkeys, tejones (coatis) birds and incredible fauna).
  • Apply Mayan Mud and Honey on your Body.
  • Apply on your body and Consume Raw Aloe Vera.



  • Hotel pickup and drop-off (From Tulum city to Playa Del Carmen city, at no additional cost.). Hotels/Places of Stay not located within our regular Pick-up/Drop-off area may include an additional Pick-up/Drop-off fee; please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.
  • Round-trip air-conditioned transportation.
  • Enjoy detox drinks and water before Temazcal, available in cooler.
  • Enjoy snacks & fruit.
  • Enjoy a delicious four course Detox Meal at world famous Oscar & Lalo Restaurant, Bar & Grill.
  • A Mayan detox drink is included at dinner and a fresh cold coconut water grown on the property for each couple.
  • Sanitized Snorkeling gear, and Life vests.
  • Expert bilingual guide.
  • ll Entrance fees.

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Recommended to Bring

  • Good walking shoes or non-slip flip-flops.
  • Hat (for ruins visit only).
  • Swimsuit and towel .
  • Sunglasses.
  • Change of clothing.
  • Extra cash for tips or souvenirs.

Bring or buy from us:

  • Biodegradable Insect Repellent.
  • Biodegradable Sunblock.



NOTE: This is an active tour, it is not recommended for people with health problems especially people with heart conditions, 
pregnant women and people with Asthma.

Certificate of Excellence