The Temazcal Experience, Includes a Sacred Fire Ceremony, a Temazcal Ceremony,  Visiting a Pre-hispanic Altar and ceremony site, 50 feet under the ground in a Cave, Swimming or walking through the Cenote (Mineral Pool), Mayan Mud Application, Meeting with a Real Mayan Shaman in the Jungle and a (4) course detox meal and fresh juice from local Rainforest plants grown in the Jungle.

A Temazcal is a traditional Spiritual Native Meso-american Purification Ceremony conducted by a Mayan Shaman within a fire ceremony and a hot vapor bath. It is used as a cleansing of the mind, body and spirit and considered a rebirth through the womb of mother earth. 

The Mayan Temazcal is done to Detox Poisons from your Body & Inner Spirit. The actual Temazcal is in the shape of a womb which represents the womb of mother earth and being reborn. The Mayans would perform this ceremony after a battle, after hardship to strengthen and help the healing of the sick, improving health, and for women to give birth.

First we visit the Pre-Hispanic Sacred Altar & Mayan Ceremonial Site:
Located 50 feet under the jungle in a cenote, mineral pool located in the underground river and caves system Xibalba. You will be allowed to swim or meditate in this beautiful Cave and Altar.

Shamans Asking for Permission at Altar Ceremony:
We will go to the location of the Temazcal and meet with the Shaman.   We will apply Mayan Sacred Mud and the Shaman will start the Ceremony at the Altar. The Shaman will ask for permission to start the ceremony, offer an offering to the universal gods and have us drink a detox drink.

The Shaman will perform a Mayan Fire Ceremony:
We then start the Fire Ceremony: You will approach a blazing fire for a Fire ceremony,  while the Mayan Shaman Performs the Fire ceremony and builds up the fire pit. To produce the heat, volcanic stones are heated. The cole from the wood is considered a detox and is the same wood used by Mayans thousands of years ago for this ceremony.


We will then enter the Temazcal (a steam bath):
We will enter The Temazcal, where we will wait for the Shaman and apply Aloe Vera after the Mayan Mud has dripped off our body and Inhale the Shamans healing Vapors that he prepared and splashes over the Lava Rocks to create a steam. The Shaman will bring in the hot, volcanic rocks, that are placed in a pit located in the center than he will close the door and poor his home made brew of medicine plants on the volcanic rocks. Inside of the Temazcal. These medicinal plants, herbs and bark are inhaled as we meditate. The Shaman will Chant and continue the Ceremony in the Temazcal. He will ask you to join in and he may offer Indigenous Instruments of Pre-Hispanic times if you wish to play them or just chant or meditate.


After you exit the Temazcal, you will walk through the Jungle to enter the Natural Mineral Pool to cool off and complete your cleansing.


Afterwards, we will dry off and return in the Van to Oscar & Lalos to have an Organic 4 course Detox Dinner and Drink fresh juices grown on the property. Than we will complete the dinner and return you to your place of stay.



  • $615 USD per group based on (1) to (3) guests in the group.
  • $205 USD per guest based on (4) to (6) guests.
  • $185 USD per guest based on (7) to (9) guests.
  • $165 USD per guest based on (10+)  guests.

Tour Schedule

  • Tuesday through Sunday from (5) to (7) Hours.
  • These Experience is a Private Experience and it will only be your Group in the Van and Temascal with the Shaman and Guide/Translator. Private tour fee is dependent on place of stay and group size.
Expand your experience by adding any of the following
  • Add underwater Camera rental for $45 USD
    (We email Pictures to you)


    Add the majestic Tulum Ruins (VIP) for only $75 USD
    more per guest.



Tour Highlights:

  • Drive and Hike through the Mayan Jungle!
  • Experience a Real Mayan Temazcal Ceremony.
  • Experience a Sacred Fire Pit Ceremony.
  • Swim in a Mineral Pool (Cenote).
  • Meet a Real Mayan Shaman in the Jungle.
  • See a Pre-hispanic Altar and Mayan Ceremony site over 2,000,000 years old under the ground.
  • See Columns, Stalactites, Stalagmites and Flowstone resembling frozen waterfalls.
  • Swim or Snorkel in the beautiful mineral filled water underground.
  • Wild Animal (You may see wild iguanas, spider monkeys, tejones (coatis) birds and incredible fauna).
  • Apply Mayan Mud and Honey on your Body.
  • Apply on your body and Consume Raw Aloe Vera.
  • Enjoy a Detox Experience.
  • Enjoy a amazing Meal at Oscar & Lalos.


  • Hotel pickup and drop-off (From Tulum city to Playa Del Carmen city, at no additional cost.). Hotels/Places of Stay not located within our regular Pick-up/Drop-off area may include an additional Pick-up/Drop-off fee.
  • Round-trip air-conditioned transportation.
  • Enjoy Green Juice Detox Drink and Water before the Temazcal, available in cooler.
  • Enjoy snacks & fruit.
  • Enjoy a delicious four course Detox Meal at world famous Oscar & Lalo Restaurant, Bar & Grill.
  • A Mayan detox drink is included at dinner and a fresh cold coconut saladr grown on the property for each couple.
  • Sanitized Snorkeling gear, and Life vests.
  • Expert bilingual guide.
  • All Entrance fees, tolls, parking and taxes.

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NOTE: This is not recommended for people with health problems especially people with heart conditions,
pregnant women and people with Asthma.

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