In May, June, July, August and September, the Whale Sharks, Giant Manta Rays and Dolphins are in town, Sea Turtles are mating in the wild, laying eggs and baby Sea Turtles are hatching. In addition, on the full moon the Coral releases its eggs and sperm for the annual mass spawning event during the full moon! It is the spawning released on the full moon from fish and other sea life, that the Whale Sharks come here to feed on.The Whale Sharks start showing up after the full moon of months of May, June, July, & August and stick around for the season, until the month of September! 


In August 02, 2011, more than 400 Whale Sharks gathered off the Yucatan Coast between three (3) Islands in the Caribbean Sea, we go to that same area every year to Snorkel with the Whale Sharks. It was one of the largest known gatherings of Whale Sharks in recorded history. We never know how many Whale Sharks will be in the area, we may see one (1), or we may see hundreds (100’s). It is the wild, so we like to go when we have the best chance to see many. We will need to know which two (2) dates that you are available for this tour, so we can select the best weather and conditions date between those two (2) dates. Normally, guests will book two (2) tours a Whale Shark Expedition and a Extreme Expedition and we just switch days depending on which day is better for the Whale Sharks. We also stay in close communication with our guests in order to try to select the best date possible for the Expedition. 


On the Whale Shark Expedition, we pick you up in our air-conditioned Van, with a continental breakfast and fruit. On the drive on the way up to the dock, your guide will do a briefing on the day and explain how to properly swim with the Whale Sharks and use your Snorkel Equipment properly, so you could see as many of them possible. We will then arrive at the docks and give you 15 to 20 (15-20) minutes of free time to stretch, use the bathroom and put on your wetsuit. We will then meet our boat captain and head out to the Islands in the deep sea where we often spot the amazing Whale sharks.


On the way we will have amazing views of the sea and may spot flying fish, sea birds, dolphins and sea turtles in the wild. When we arrive to the location where we spot the Whale sharks, we will observe the Whale Sharks from the boat. Once we spot more than six (6) Whale Sharks the Mexican Federal Law allows us to jump in and Snorkel with the Whale Sharks. We may have the chance to swim next to these guys and look into their eyes, an experience that cannot be described using words; however, we are sure it will be a most memorable life experience.


Once we are done snorkeling with the Whale Sharks, we have an opportunity to enjoy some snacks and drinks to refuel. We will then head off to one (1) of the nearby islands to explore the Caribbean Sea and the Meso American Coral Reef. We will Snorkel off of one of the nearby Islands, to enjoy the living coral and nearby sea life. You will discover an entirely incredible new world in this magical underwater paradise!  Wetsuit, Snorkel Gear, Snacks, Drinks, Lunch and Transportation is included on this Expedition.  


*Please note that our tours are “Small Group Private or Shared Expeditions” and average (4) to (7) guests and never more than (9) guest in the group( unless private). The cost will be based on how many guest are in the Van the day of the expedition. We tell our guest to base the cost as only they are in the Van, that way, if more guest join, the cost will be less.


**Private Expeditions could be of virtually any size; however, there is an additional cost for a Private Expedition, above the standard price for all shared Expeditions, and a custom quote will be issued for all Private Expeditions requests. 


**Please note that it is not guaranteed that you will see or snorkel with whale sharks. We are not allowed to snorkel with them if we do not sight more than (4) whale sharks.
99 percent of the time we see the sharks, but this is dependent if they come up to eat as normally they come up to eat daily. But we do have days that they don’t show up. We are not responsible for Mother Nature and this is the wild. It is not a controlled show and the sharks are not always in the area they feed at. Though we try very hard to find them and normally do, we are not in control of Mother Nature and we will not refund the tour if you do not see whale sharks on the tour.



  • $805 USD per group based on (1) to (3) guests (Private Van only, Shared Boat). *
  • $225 USD per guest based on (4) to (6) guests. (Private Van only, Shared Boat). *
  • $205 USD per guest based on (7) to (10) guests. (Private Van only, Shared Boat). *
  • Private Van & Boat: $1,850 USD for up to (1) to (10) guest.



Tour Schedule:

  • Monday to Sunday from (6) to (8) Hours Whale Shark Snorkel Expedition
  • These tours are for small groups and, for an additional fee, can be private.**
  • This tour is based on weather conditions and safety comes first, if we feel the weather will not be safe, we will cancel the expedition and return your  deposit or give you an option to do an other Expedition that is not effected by weather.
Expand your experience by adding any of the following
  • Add underwater Camera rental for $45 USD
    (We email Pictures to you)



Tour Highlights:

  • Snorkeling with the Whale Sharks and maybe Manta Rays.
  • Snorkeling in a beautiful live, coral reef next to a the protected Island in the Caribbean sea.
  • You may see lobster, conch, starfish, blow fish and several sea creatures that have been seen in this reef.
  • You may see sea turtles, stingrays, sailfish & dolphins in the wild on the ride to and from the area.


  • Round trip air conditioned transportation.
  • Hotel Pick-up and Drop-off (For most Hotels/Places of Stay, at no additional cost.).
  • Enjoy coffee and pastry in morning.
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch, freshly made shrimp ceviche, Chicken and/or Ham sandwiches and fruit.
  • Enjoy snacks all day.
  • Cold beer, water and soft drinks are included.
  • Sanitized Snorkeling gear, Wet suit and Life vests.
  • Prescription goggles available.
  • Snorkel and selection of proper equipment lessons.
  • Safety and sea life review.
  • Bilingual guide.
  • All entrance fees.

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Recommended to Bring

  • Good walking shoes or non-slip flip-flops.
  • Hat.
  • Swimsuit and towel.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Change of dry clothing.
  • Extra cash for tips or souvenirs.

Bring or buy from us:

  • Biodegradable insect repellent.
  • Biodegradable sunblock.



NOTE: This is an active tour, it is not recommended for people with health problems especially people with heart conditions,
pregnant women and people with Asthma.

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